Not unlike many (wo)men, I find my myself abusing repetatively things I like.
My first Ipod got replaced after a few weeks, although I can’t take full credit for that -I only dropped it once.
But now I am really going for it.
I let somebody spill abundantly beer over it while it was fixed in the Inmotion speaker set.
After that it took a day or two to recover completely and to stop blabbing about a missing image card.
I tried dropping it in the wet sand, without any side effects.
But when I swam through sea water with it, dragging the earphones through the water
-I just picked the wrong spot to cross the laguna on my way to the beach-
it kept on sounding the same, wether I put them in my ears or not…
Two days later they came through, still with some rattling in the right ear, but I decided my old Sony ones sounded better anyway.
And then there is the docking station, giving false contacts a gogo
-I can even hear the car’s engine revving through it,
just because the whole thing got knocked over a few times.

So now and then I return to the hassle free joy of the cd.
That is, if it is not one I engraved myself, because then my car player prooves as reliable as the Tarifa weather forecast.