mx double jenneval

One week after I’d started looking for a place to live in the B-city, I moved in, now two months ago.
I visited just one place, shown by an avid windsurfer with a white Transit, so what, there are more windsurfers in Brussels. And he is, apart from his van, an atypical one, meaning someone I can enjoy having a conversation with.
My nearest neighbour in the house turns out to be a singer, hey, what else do you expect in a house shared by five.
In the house they drop the last letter from her name, making it sound like the name of my future former employer. From what I hear, my neighbour is really into soul -not the most popular genre these days- just like the wife of my future former employer.
Then this scene in my street, mine is a ’94 NA, the other one a type NB, launched in ’99. It has a Dutch license plate.
I bought mine from a Dutch couple.

“Le hasard serait la forme de manifestation de la nécessité extérieure qui se fraie un chemin dans l’inconscient humain”
‘Coincidence would be how an external necessity eases itself into the human subconcious’, Andre Breton.