my ‘home’ country on a satellite pollution map

Because all you of Earth are idiots!”

… is a quote from ‘Plan 9 from Outer Space’ an Ed Wood movie I watched in one of my worst Xmas periods.

There was a pretty vague anouncement on the news during my stay in Belgium about air pollution.
Long live the internet:
So we like to think the air is bad in China for example because of ‘them’ not having any respect at all for environment etc.

And here is another one: Belgium is along with France(!) the biggest European consumer of tranquilizers and pills that supposedly make you sleep better.
Pills & alcohol, that’s what you get when you illegalize marihuana in a country that is this horrible to live in.

Ask me again why I don’t want to live there any more.

‘Plan 1 from Outer Belgium’ accomplished.
8 plans to go!