Foreigners down here sometimes get carried away by ‘being nice to animals’.
Often they come from ‘big nations’, so their tendency towards interference is culturally rooted.

Local dogs get captured to be prevented from reproducing, or to be ‘adopted’.
One day, you’re a lean dog among free dogs running around on a beach,
the next you get a few needles in your ass, a chip under you skin
and you’re deported to a life on a leash in a suburb 2000km North of here,
where you’ll only meet other neurotic dogs.
Thing is, not all dogs without a collar are ‘abandoned’,
so dogs just disappear from their owner.
But that wouldn’t happpen if they were wearing a proper collar.
You see, people just don’t care enough for their dogs here,
imagine, they leave them running about all day!
So if the welldoers act,
it is for the better of the dogs.

Poor old Nemo sort of lived the story upside down.
She came from a Belgian asylum,
spent most of her life down here,
owned yes, but rarely fed,
so she learnt to find food: begging or stealing it from hotel kitchens.
She is a notorious rat killer and enjoys as much chasing bigger dogs off of ‘her’ territory.
She is 14, 15 or 16,
survived an all but lethal attack by Nuna (below) last year
and still is a smart, smelly, half blind, knotty rasta ball of energy,
jumping at least once a day twice her height out of sheer joy.
And at the same time she is a jalous old bitch.