So we still have a king, and he has two palaces, this being the one where he exercises his prerogatives as Head of State. Right.
Anyway, far from one of the prettiest buildings, it must be one of the most photographed.
I decided to have a go anyway -especially on the day where the guy from the ‘photo’shop offered me to take some live pictures for free, because the b&w negatives I had left for lab processing were lacking ‘technique’: he found them underexposed and… badly framed. As usual I didn’t tell him what I should have, that he should stick to his own technique and do a better job while processing my color negatives, meaning: without scratches and drops.
Anyway, trying to find an angle for this building, here’s what I found out: what’s the point in 2,5m iron gates with pins, if they form part of a ‘wall’ reaching barely 50cm?