parfois je crache par plaisir sur le portrait de ma m̬re Рsalvador dali

I’m absorbing this book,
it has loads of images in it,
and even more German words combined in long sentences.
I ordered “Bunuel Auge des Jahrhunderts” through the internet,
after I discovered it in the mini-library of the Single in Antwerp- thanks Wouter & Sarah!
If I remember well, it was one of the books chosen by the infamous Jan Fabre,
the one who decorated a royal ceiling with bugs.
It’s a catalogue from a retrospective held in Bonn in ’94.

Among many things, it showed me where that liquor ad most probably came from:
30ies Salvador Dali is still pure.

Ah yes, about the Vatican then.
I had the privilege of crossing the sword with a certain Segnor Segnieri,
a media priest presiding the OCIC jury I was a member of during the Venice Film Festival ’92
-in those days I did everything to get accredited at a film festival.
Segnieri was in my eyes a diginified representant of the rich history of hypocrisy and malignant repression for its own power’s sake the Roman Katholic Church is guilty of.

(reproducted entirely without permission)